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Sales & Leadership Development Program (SLDP)

Temple Electric Supply

Sales & Leadership Development Program

Temple Electric Supply is looking for career-minded individuals wanting a long-term opportunity to strive in our growing and profitable wholesale distribution field.

The ideal SLDP candidates are focused on the pursuit of a long-term leadership career in Branch Management, Operations Management, or Outside Sales in a stable and ever-growing industry. The program is designed to provide a structured learning environment in all aspects of wholesale distribution. Throughout their journey, SLDP Trainees will develop the necessary skills and acquire trade-specific knowledge to succeed and flourish in this dynamic industry.

I am new to the industry…Is this the right role for me?

This entry-level program is designed to prepare SLDP Trainees for opportunities in B2B Sales and Operations Management within a few years. SLDP’s are stationed at local Branches across the market where they are provided structured hands-on training in each role. Our goal is to provide the SLDP Trainee with industry knowledge, leadership skills, and the business acumen tools necessary to succeed. There is no need to have industry experience…you’ll get plenty of hands-on experience in the program!

Temple Electric Supply

What does the Program Look Like and how will I learn?

Temple Electric Supply is a growing organization with a wide range of experienced employees.

The SLDP is designed to cultivate an environment that allows learning at your pace. Although there are many challenges in learning something new, the rewards from graduating the program will guide the SLDP Trainee throughout their career.

No two SLDP Trainees will have the exact same schedule, but the typical schedule will include ~4 years of extensive, hands-on training. Time in each specialization will be catered to the individual’s strengths, to their specific needs, and to the needs of the business. Management is there to guide the trainees progress and coach them at every step along the way.

Upon Graduation, the SLDP Trainee will have become a leader within our organization and learned valuable skills and gathered necessary industry knowledge. They will have determined the path that most suites their personal goals and career aspirations: Branch Management, Operations Management, or Outside Sales!


What are some of the activities I will perform as a SLDP Trainee?


What is Temple Electric Looking for?

The qualifications listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and ability required successfully graduate the program:

interested in joining our growing SLDP team?

If the Sales & Leadership Development Program sounds like the opportunity you’ve been searching for, then please apply to join our growing SLDP team members. We are excited about our future and look forward to helping you become the leader you are meant to become.Our industry is expanding and we need the next generation of Managers to continue to help forge the path ahead!